Facebook F8 the top announcements.

If you think that the Cambridge Analytica scandal could dampen the spirit of the Facebook supremo Zuckerberg think again. He has gone ahead and launched one of the most innovative and new techniques in the tech scenario and at the same time has not shown any fallout strains either.

Instead he has rolled out the big guns and launched new programs at one of the annual conferences. Some important announcements have also been made on the same and it looks like he is pitching on some of the most innovative solutions.

Facebook dating-Tinder gets its rival, the biggest one so far.

In what seems to be a straight challenge for the dating app Tinder face book has launched its new dating app where people can date and create their own profiles. In Zuckerberg’s own words he said that the dating app is not just for temporary hook ups but for the long-term relationships.

Messenger-new design along with the translation option.Zuckerberg

With a view to boost the businesses Facebook will be adding a new feature and that is the translation feature, in terms of looks and functionality which will give a big boost to its online presence. It will also add a translation feature which will also add the new translations feature and enable to chat in different languages.

Instagram will get new features-

The favorite photo sharing app will get an upgrade of the new tools and will get new interesting features also. New and improved AR features will also be available along with an Explorer tab which will be available.

Whats App new features-

There will be additional features such as Stickers and group video calls which will be available on the App and be one of the most prominent of it. It will be easier for them to share the stories and possible for them to make way for the new and improved features.


THERE WILL ALSO BE STRINGENT NEW PRIVACY POLICIES and various other approaches which will make way for the new and improved category of Facebook.

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