Cap Gemini employees Twitter rant sends social media in a tizzy.

It’s the appraisal season. The season where every employee is waiting with a lot of hope for his ‘her salary increments and is positive and hopeful of the same.

However, when you are not met with the required hike it can dash your hopes as a lot of dreams are today dependent on your source of income and savings. Many of them also have bigger liabilities of buying or paying for the home loan and other important commitments.

Twitter has been on fire in the literal sense since Saturday after the employees of Cap gemini ranted on the peanuts amount of salary hike offered to them. Some of them even claimed it as a voluntary act of attrition.

They also took their disappointment to the social media especially Twitter, this was almost second time in a row after the TCS employees expressed their disappointment.

The employees are also running a campaign and expressing their disappointment over the meager pay and, they have not been compensated accordingly.

As digital disruption takes center stage many of the employees have started to use and effectively utilize the skills and make it to the best use of it.

Up skilling

Re-deployment of the people

Changes in the complex technology work are all an essential part of the re skilling program me.

Faster changes in the digital technologies will soon be seen and experienced and taken care of.

Cap Gemini had however responded to the publication that their salary increment is an objective process and that we they must ensure that it is aligned with the employee needs, business priorities and the industry evolution.


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