The Amazon forecast-The E-commerce giant has been growing exponentially.

It is good news on the front for the e-commerce biggie that is Amazon as it is expecting high growth forecasts for the straight second quarter. The second forecast period topped the growth for its second quarter. The main reason for this are the number of Amazon Prime subscribers coupled with a prime computing division.

It will also be a big move to launch a lot of more corporate customers.

Amazon shares skyrocketed to around 6% in the extended trading scenario and the stock is up to around 30% this year.

AMAZON IS THE WORLD’S LARGEST ONLINE RETAILER AND it has the operating income in the current quarter of $54 billion dollars.

Jeff Bezos has hit the nail on the hammer by continuously following and investing in the growing businesses such as the

Data centers

Voice activated devices

Quick delivery of the goods

It has outperformed the previous quarter delivery of the goods and has also shown a lot of profit.

What has made AMAZON’S stocks fall?

A series of tweets from President Donald Trump led to the fall of the Amazon’s stocks and led to the eventual decline of the same.

They were not just limited to Amazon alone but also to the sales tax and the US postal services.

However, these are not very major issues and are just some minor obstacles. Also, for the Amazon web services it served as a big booster.

Amazon Prime-


The AMAZON WEB Services has also been a force to reckon subscribing around 5 million Prime subscribers and some of the more attractive benefits such as Amazon music and live music streaming.

Amazon’s cloud computing division also scaled to the new heights with some poplar offerings and generate the revenue of around $5.4 billion.







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