Subway closes in around 500 US stores and plans to expand its global reach.

Subway the US food major who is the favorite the world over for their delicious subs is now planning a big expand reach. It has reportedly closed in on around 500 US stores and further plans to expand even more to increase their business chain.

Subway boasts of a location almost in every country including India and this is quite a phenomenal feat for sure. Their healthy and at the same time tasty sandwiches have been liked almost by everyone and have achieved the cult status among people of all age groups.

So, what is the game plan of Subway?

Earlier their focus was on increasing the locations and on scouting for the best locations but now the focus is more on the market share and how to increase it.

Now they have shifted the focus from the store count to increasing the business acumen and putting a more strategic approach on the market share.

Something more about Subway

Subway was opened more than 50 years ago. And it eventually started gaining a lot of prominence in the sandwich category. However eventually it was hurt by the steep competition in the US as many of the modern chains started to emerge and started taking over the business.

So, for now some of the locations are also being re-located and are thinking of shifting to such a location where there won’t be much proliferation of locations.

The Rewards Program-

They are starting an innovation program and to boost the quality and to boost the traffic.

It is also offering a new rewards system and going to award the people who will also look for remodeling stores which will have a much new and improved look.


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