Google to launch mentor ship program mes for start-ups in India.

India is rich country with a lot of budding entrepreneurs. But sometimes you cannot get the required boost or the right path to direction when you are about to start a new business.

But now Google seems to be a viable option for it. For the world’s biggest tech giant is launching its new service on an all INDIA focused mentor ship and boost programs for the start-ups.

They will be in both B2B goods and B2C goods. The company issues a statement regarding the same on Thursday.

The initiative was launched in a pilot mode in India in last year and is now taking its first steps. It was launched with the various participation from the Google developers and the Launch Pad accelerator team.

The first camp was also carried out and the companies which participated in it were-



Legal Desk

Far Mart.

What is exactly the project about?

It is a global project which helps the various start-ups and up accelerate their operations and through various of the mentor ship program mes from a wide range of the Google investors and different professionals and various important representative from Google.

Where will Google mainly focus on?

Google’s focus will on mostly the start-up products which will show an expertise in the various artificial products and machine learning.

Google will take the onus of mentoring these start-ups and give them the much-needed boost which any kind of start-up needs. It will also mentor the start-ups across all the business levels.

It will have a new team of different groups to start and mentor for the challenges faced and across the different categories.

There are a whole lot of new generation entrepreneurs and new generation founders who are willing to provide the start-up activities for the budding businessman of today and have installed a dedicated pilot program for India.

They aim to stay very active in their global partnership program and also accelerate mentor ship programs.






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