Google, Amazon and Facebook-The top 3 trusted brands in India.

It seems to be good news for Facebook since many days as it has topped the list for the most trusted brands for doing business in India. It is followed by Google and Amazon next.

Google has around 1.2 trillion searches per year followed by a lot of data sharing.

Facebook in the searches has been ranked second in the list and continues its upward stance since the year 2015 where it was ranked fourth and third in the year 2017.

But while launching of the survey it had not considered the recent reports of the data privacy breach and the various instances of data stealing.

Amazon further ranked third among the wide use of internet usage and e-Bay came fourth. Flipkart was positioned as sixth.


Due to its very innovative features and policies it is always high on ranking of the most trusted brands. Its new and innovative polices have always been high on audience preferences and have always been given a huge preference among the Indian diaspora and the world over.

With new and improved techniques there is much scope for internet penetration and a wide range of new and improved techniques. Also, with better business models it is being made in the new and improved stages and a much sought after online business models.

However, the Internet biggies also need to up their game and get involved in more prudent and more efficient business models over the time to increase their reach far and wide. It is not just about the brand trust but also about the growth and the profit margins and how to gain the maximum from them.

The online taxi brands have also gained a lot with Ola and Uber with the later ranking in the fifteenth position and OLA ranking in the 7th position.


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