Amazon launched Echo dot Kids.

Amazon now heads to the kid’s room.

Adding one more feather to its innovative cap, Amazon has introduced the Amazon Echo Dot kids which is the smaller version of Amazon Echo. It has now recently released a kid friendly version of its popular smart speaker, which features its voice assistant Amazon Alexa.

It has the same features which are like the one of AMAZON Alexa and has everything the same as the bigger version.

It also comes with a one-year subscription which is called Amazon Free time unlimited. It is typically aimed at kids from 5 to 12-year-old.

Details of the kid’s version-

It comes with a packaged box and the protective cases of either blue, green and red. They also have a large amount of good parental controls also.

They can set the limit for their use and per-select what services the kids want to offer. The parental control also makes it all the easier.

Content which has inappropriate content is automatically blocked and not given any preference.

What’s more it will answer all your questions which you pose at him. Also, many of the most sensitive questions will also be answered by the app and it will also give filtered responses.

Echo dot kids has been launched with a view so that the kids will get a complete view of what they can see in the world and to increase their GK. But it has also been made with a lot of precision and a lot of the age appropriate questions which are posed.

Amazon is also in talks to pair up with the biggies such as Disney and Nickelodeon to offer some innovation in themed alarm clocks and stories.

However, this kind of innovations comes with its fair share of some of the concerns.

Will it hamper child development?

Will it get addictive to children?

How much would it be useful?

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