YouTube now comes with more parental control. A great step for an amazing customer experience.


Parents can now rejoice. Now they no longer be scared and worried that their little ones will be accessing he data especially on the most popular viewed site that is YouTube. Parents can now control what their little ones will be browsing and will be able to be upfront on the whole situation.

What is YouTube now adding?

YouTube is now adding YouTube kids an app which is especially for the kids and will be accessible for the better control for the app and for the kids to see.

This feature comes after months when a lot of controversial comments were uploaded on a children’s app and they were also posting some disturbing and controversial videos.

THE YouTube kids app and Parental control.

The kid’s app was provided to give the kids a world of their own where they could explore and see what their imagination can take places.

It is a place to provide educational, engaging and captivating videos where they can enjoy and explore the world of different stories and rhymes.

To make it more engaging for the kids, they are also rolling out more parental control of the App and where the parents can take a control on the content which is available on the app.

There are three new features which are introduced-

Collections by trusted partners

YouTube kids

Which are the two most available content on YouTube.

The app will be offering a huge collection of videos where you will be able to see and explore a lot of varied stuff and your kids will be able to enjoy the experience thoroughly.

The subjects will be ranging from arts, crafts, sports, learning and many more.

So, this of a facility will make it easier for the parents to take care of and provide a lot of other benefits also such as educational videos.

There is also a feature called Parent Approved Content, which will allow the parents to specifically choose the content they want for their kids and for they will be what will be watching.

Parents can always turn off the search feature in the app. YouTube will continue to increase its filters and make the experience more and more user-friendly.

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