The US lawmakers, Facebook and almost the entire IT industry oppose the Trump administration ban.

The most influential lawmakers related to the American IT industry have opposed to the Trump administration ban, where he has proposed to withdraw the H1-4 visa says it bans the spouses of the H1-B visa holders to work there.

Top companies reacted the statement saying it will not be conducive for the growth of the IT industry and the Silicon Valley and it will also be hurtful to the entire economy.

Around 40 percent of the H4 visa holders are women and, they have had around successful jobs especially in the IT sector. They have also had a lot of advance degrees also.

The revoke policy is important because it allows the individuals to gain around successful employment and shift here with the families. Also, many of them are also having a processing backlog of more than 10 decades and have a lot of families which are dependent on them.

Without the legal authorization of this rule it would be next to impossible to work with for the spouses of the H4 visa holders many of whom have had many successful jobs also.

As the matter involves  a very high number of educated Indian professionals it is also a huge amount of concern for the same.

Rules during the Obama era-

During the period of Obama, he had lessened the burden on the spouses of the H1-4 visa applicants and provided on the work permit of the H4 holders.

He had also worked for the successful transition from only then immigrants to the lawful permanent residents also.

THE ISSUE HAS MOSTLY AFFECTED LARGELY THE INDIAN WORKING WOMEN. It may also have many negative consequences and would also affect the working population there.

The implementation of the H4 rule is both a matter of pride and of competitiveness so that these workers are having with a lot of expertise and use their experience and talents in the US economy.

The administration can think of granting limited work authorization to the H4 holders which will be critical for the employers to retain a very high level of the work force.










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