Swiggy shifts focus to medicines and groceries.

Swiggy your go to name while ordering any kind of food and delivery app is now foraying into the medicine and the groceries which you will be able to order as and when you need it.

The top food delivery app is now looking to foray into the delivery of medicines and groceries store and looking to expand their operations furthermore.

They want to boost the volume on its magnanimous platform and they may start with medicine and then groceries. A lot of more options were also suggested but initially they want to start off with medicines and groceries.

They are thinking of starting of starting with these new operations somewhere around the next month and plan to name this service as Dash. However, Swiggy refrained from saying anything more further and divulge into furthermore details regarding the same.

What are the details regarding Swiggy?

Swiggy is the largest food delivery app and one of the largest online food delivery business segments.

It handles around close to 7 million orders and has a very vast customer base.

It has around 35,000 restaurants listed on its public platform.

It has also crossed the total of the INDIA and the UAE markets and had crossed the 5.5 million marks.

The move of Swiggy will be beneficial for thousands of people as they will get their food delivered at their doorstep and if in any case of emergency, it will be feasible for ordering the groceries and the medicines online.

Swiggy is also in talks to raise around $200 million from the DST Global and Coate Management FUND which will be much of a sure deal and will also help Swiggy foray into the new sections.

They are looking at a strategy to optimize globally and are also looking to optimize the fleet costs which will contain now and improved delivery costs.



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