India issues notices to Facebook over the data breach of Indians.

In a seemingly new turn against the data breach scandal of Facebook, India is now taking the relevant steps to ensure that they are recovering the data breaches of INDIANS and looking to probe further into the matter.

They are also seeking various responses of the people from the various social media platforms.

What is the probe about?

In a separate letter given to both the ministries that is the electronic and telecommunications, they have sought around detailed questions of the citizens data on the 10th of May. This kind of move was further taken into action after Cambridge Analytica has sent the notices which were deemed to be confusing, unsatisfactory, obscure and ambiguous.

The Government had sent its first notice to Cambridge Analytica in the month of March that is 23rd and the 28th of March.

Facebook had initially admitted that the data of around 5 lakh people has been affected and it has also sought details to take steps by the social media in regard. The security architecture is to be proposed to be created on Facebook and the Indian are not manipulated to extraneous purposes.

The data of the Facebook users has been affected by around 5.62 lakh people and they have been potentially affected by the incident.

The Government of India has now posed around 5 questions about the Analytica data posing some serious questions on the details of the responses and asking for further clarification on the same. The Company is in the center of a huge controversy and has faced a lot of issues for the same.

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