The Business of Bollywood: Are biopics the new money-making machine?

We are a Bollywood and a cricket obsessed country. If there is anything new and trending it will immediately be lapped up by the audiences and enjoyed it at the same time.

Now a trend of sorts has been started in Indian Film Industry and that is the trend of primarily started from the Hockey aficionado, Milkha Singh and further gave rise to a lot of biopics. It is not new however that the trend of biopics has been increasing. It took momentum in the year in the late 2016 which included hits such as Neerja,Dangal and MS Dhoni.

The success of these films has also given rise to a number of biopics and now writers are focusing more on how they can bring reality cinema to the audiences.

The year 2018 will also witness a lot of biopics in the making which will be on Manikarnika the Queen of Jhansi, The Accidental Prime Minister,Mary Kom.The biggest one by far will on the most celebrated superstar Sanjay Dutt in which his biopic will be named as SANJU.


Why is the audience hooked on to the concept of biopics?

It offers a lot of reality.

The audiences can identify with the central character and identify the different ups and downs of the character.

The audience get to involve a lot of character and drama.

Audience is also more interested in reality stories and want to cut off from the melodrama.

They also want to experience a true depiction of life.

What does it offer for filmmakers?

Contemporary times offer for more things to explore and search for.

It provides for a cleverly strategized policy along with providing the digital rights.

There is a feel good factor about these movies which can prove to have a long lasting effect on the audiences.

So it seems to be a win-win situation both for the audiences and the filmmakers.

So it only seems that the genre of biopics seems to be holding a lot of trend and also proving to be  lot more beneficial for the film industry as a whole.







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