WhatsApp to raise the minimum age usage in Europe.

Whats App one of the most popular messaging services, which is owned by the Facebook Inc is now putting different restriction on its data privacy rules.

It is raising its minimum age from 13 to 16 which will be in sync with the new data comply rules, which will be coming into force from next month.

What will the new rule be all about?

The new rule will be asked to comply with the new norms and agree to the new terms and services, this kind of policy was provided by the Whats App Ireland services. But as of now it not sure whether the age limit will be checked, and the limited data requested will be given by Whats App users.

Also, at this stage, Facebook which also has a different data policy will be taking an altogether new approach for the teens which are aged between 13 to 15 years and to comply with the new European Data General Protection Policy. There they have mentioned that to nominate someone for e.g.-, a parent or a guardian to give them the permission to provide them on a personal platform.

Whats App also wanted to share the data at some point.

The Whats App minimum age will remain to around 13 years only.


But Whats App at the same time contradicted its statement and said that they have not given any such permissions and do not intend to give the same on the same platform.

Facebook itself is under some tight scrutiny as it faces some of the personal information which has wrongly gone in the hands of the political constituency which was known as the Cambridge Analytica.

It will soon be rolling out to all the users in the world soon in some time and will see a drastic change in the policies soon.

The users soon can also download the new report and can also be a much of a game change for how the world communicates.







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