The END of the road for H1-4 visa holders.

In what may seem as the final blow of the Trump administration, the work permit may end altogether for the H1-4 visa holders which may put the plans of thousands of H1-4 dependents in a jeopardy.

What does the law say?

The law says that none of the H1-4 holders will be able to work, or set up a small business, which may be as simple as running a creche, tutoring or conducting yoga classes will no longer be allowed.

Also, the international entrepreneurs will no longer be allowed to again revoke their visas and apply for parole and take care of their start-ups for certain period.

This move would impact nearly around 1,00,000 spouses and prove a lot more damaging for the Indian diaspora. This would impact mostly the Indian women who plan to work on the H1-4 visa. This kind of policy enables them to have an employment enabled registration document, that is the EAD.

These policies are a drastic change in the Obama policies and in contrast to what Obama had in mind. Trump is thoroughly envisioning his policy of Buy Americana and Hire American.

Some are also having concerns that they come under this new law that eventually they may be forced to exit and leave the country altogether.

What is the effect on the overall immigrants?

The immigrants in America especially the Indian women are feeling stuck in the rut and are having some serious questions about the Trump policies.

This ordinance was signed by the US President Trump in April last year.

Similarly tightening of the norms of the H1-B visa is also on the anvil for the Trump administration.

It is not just limited to the spouses go the H4 VISAS but also in relation to the International entrepreneurs also-

The Trump administration is all set to revoke an order, which was passes by the US district court in last December and has been called for revoking the same.

There is a huge possibility that they will move on to other countries such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand.









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