Content removal policies update for the first time on Facebook.

For the first time ever since its privacy data row, Facebook has changed its rules for taking down the content once it has been reported on the social network sponsors.

The document contains all the detailed pages of the 27-page document and, traces the behavior of around 2 billion users. It also provides them with the details of the Facebook’s definition of the hate speeches and the violent threats, the sexual exploitation and the many other more details are mentioned.

However, the document has its own fare share of criticism and some of the doubts of the company’s policies.

Why has Facebook published the policies?

Facebook has published the various policies to help people realize the different policy program mes. At the same time the company will also give a right to publish the various policies and take care of the same.

The release of the some of the content policies comes as a surprise as it was presented just days before Zuckerberg testified before the Congress and faced some tight scrutiny on the Facebook data leaks.

The panel also included some various lawmakers who had some of the heaviest dose questions for the Facebook supremo and asked for some of the more conservative content for the liberals.

Facebook works in around 70 languages and has around 7500 content reviewers. It wants to increase the number of workers and wants to work towards the same on it. It boasts of a wide viewership online and has around 2.2 million users online.

Now furthermore Facebook is asking for feedback to edit them and also the company will host a series of events for the same which will be one of the most preferred ones.

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