Amazon now delivers the goods to the trunk of your car.

Amazon, the Seattle based e-commerce biggie never ceases to stop the people from the pace of innovations it wants to create. It has been a pioneer of innovations right since its inception and it has only been improving its innovative concepts for the same.

Be it introducing the Kindle, or the Amazon Echo or the Alexa.

Now Amazon has added one more feather to its cap and that is delivering the goods to the trunks of your car. It has launched a new service where it will deliver the goods directly to the trunk of your car.

What is the program all about?

Amazon said in its statement on Tuesday, that it has gone in a deal with General Motors and Volvo Cars to begin offering the in-car delivers to the owners of car vehicles also available with a few connectivity options as a part of the Amazon Key program.

Both facilities allow the subscribers to allow the Volvo on Call and the GM on Star Vehicles on the subscription connectivity series. This kind of facility allows the subscriber to unlock the subscriber vehicle when needed.

The facility is built with utmost security and with the most security layers so that you can enjoy the maximum benefits of both.

Amazon is overall very positive about the whole situation and expects to make more of the makes and the models over the time. The system works with several models such as Volvo, Chevrolet, Cadillac or GMK.

So, what is GM AND Volvo’s share in this?

Both two biggies get big subscribers and they are huge profit centered for both the automakers. The main aim is to get as many people as subscribing as possible and to provide a great incentive for the customers.

Then new in car service is a big step for the Amazon maker and is also a very good and innovative way of making it big in the delivery of goods and services.







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