Walmart and Flip kart deal: What’s your Wish list?

The biggest e-commerce deal of all time is all set to be made what with the Walmart INC offering as much as 86% of India’s largest retailer online.

The deal is expected to be signed as early on as next week and it will one of the most historic deals of all time. It will buy as much as around 86% of the online deal in Flip kart and it is to see that that this will be a game changer of sorts.

New York based Tiger Global bank and Japan’s Soft Bank Corporation have decided to back up this deal and hold 20% each in Flip kart and sell a big part of their stake.

However, but Walmart is expected to be Flip kart’s largest shareholder and it will be one of the huge deals of Flip kart.

The Walmart-Flipkart deal.

Which are the other shareholders in the making?

The other significant shareholders are Accel Partners, Naspers, US’s largest e-commerce company E-bay.

What does the deal say?

Major of the stakeholders are Soft Bank, Accel, Binny Bansal.

The co-founders are the major shareholders who may not sell their shares.

The further deal is expected to be signed soon and will soon take a step ahead in the making.

If the further deal gets successful, then Flip kart will be a major shareholder at around 18 -20 billion dollars and the stake sale by the existing shareholders will also depend on this.

What is the status of the deal?

The status of the deal is that it is now in the phases of negotiations having a liquidation preference of the shareholders relating to the tax issues.

This is not a new deal for Walmart. Earlier it has entered a deal with Bharati Enterprises with a 50% stake in it, but the partnership soon ended and the retailer biggie not further the chances of an Indian retailer ship.


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