Trump administration planning to cancel the work permit visa for the spouses of the H1-B visa holders.

In what may come as a major and a final blow to the spouses of the Indian diaspora, the Trump administration plans to cancel the work permit visas of the spouses of the H1-B visa holders.

This could have a devastating impact on the India community out here.

How the move will affect?

The move will affect around H4 visa holders 70,000 visa holders who have the work permits. It could be a big impact for the Obama rule and will also affect a lot of people especially the spouses of the Indian highly skilled professionals.

The Indian Americans are a major beneficiary of this and under the Obama administration this was the much sought-after rule.

Around more than 1 lakh people are the beneficiaries of this rule and they are on the way to become the permanent residents also. Now this move of Trump will also prove to be highly tough for the Indian population.

The Trump administration is looking to forever terminate this provision also.

As per the data by the Migration Policy Institute, the US has employed the authorization of around more than 70,000 spouses of the H1-B visa holders around which around 90% of them are almost Indians.

It also involves some of the regulatory changes and propose to remove the H4 category visas to provide employment authorization for the same.

How will this move affect the spouses of the H1-4 visa holders?

The move will provide a big blow to the spouses of the H4 holders and will make things very difficult for them as a lot of them are dependent on the visa change procedures.

The renewal work has initially started to take place but eventually the move got cancelled altogether.





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