Some of the E-commerce buyers get fake products.

E-commerce has totally changed the way a person shops and buys things for himself. You can sit in the comfort of your homes and shop for your most favourite products and look for other options which are available online.

However, there is one niggling problem which persists and that is of counterfire products. It is one of the most persistent problems one can still encounter and two of the most recent surveys states the same.

The survey claims that around 38 % of the respondents have has access to fake products which is not a very good experience for them. Most of the respondents have said that they have received fake products on Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon. Many of them have also responded saying that the e-commerce firms also deal in some of the counterfeit products.

The research was conducted among some of the 3000 respondents. Also, every one out of the 3 online shoppers have sometime received some fake products.

The solution for this is that the consumer affairs ministry is drafting some rules for the same and changing some of the rules and the policies of the e-commerce ministry.

ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS FOR CHANGING OF THE e-commerce rules is that there are stringent rules being drafted for the same and a lot of rules are being revamped.

There are around 3.4 billion losses which are being suffered by the e-commerce ministry due to the product returns and because of the very low quality of the products.

Fake products can be a very big problem for any of the economy as it can be a huge loss overall.

And this happens mostly for luxury items such as footwear and bags. It is also a very common problem for apparels and cosmetics also.

What steps is the e-commerce ministry taking?

The e-commerce ministry is taking the following steps for to ensure the safe delivery of the products.

They are as follows-

De-listing the fraud sellers

Monitoring the warehouses

Using tamper proof packaging






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