How to keep yourself hydrated this Summer?

SUMMER time is one of the most dreaded time when the sun is on our heads and sucking most of the energy out of us. It is important for us to stay hydrated and keep our energy levels high so that we remain in high levels all throughout the day to carry out our day to day tasks.

How can you keep yourself hydrated this Summer 2018?

Coconut water

One of the most easily available water anywhere on the roadside, you can drink the most commonly available coconut water which is a rich of a lot of nutrients. It also has a lot of anti-oxidant properties which is known to decrease the blood pressure. It may have very rich benefits against diabetes. It is an excellent medicine for kidney stones and may support good health.


One of the most savored dishes of the SOUTH this is also a must try in the sweltering heat of the summer. It gives an instant cooling effect and is also an energy booster. It consists of cardamom, pepper, jaggery and water.


One of the most savored drinks the traditional lassi or the butter milk is not only popular in the North but also throughout India. It is an instant energy booster and a provides a lot of nutrients.

Most favored delicacy-Am Panna

MANGO is one the most favored season of all in the summers and so is the drink. Another one of the most sought-after recipes is the aam panna. A cool drink which will instantly cool your stomach and reduce the acidic tendency.

Ginger lemon tea

One of the most soothing refreshments to take this summer it also has a lot of numerous health acts as a good metabolism and aids in stomach fat. It is also good for flushing out the impurities from the body.



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