Amazon working on its next digital revolution: Robots for your home.

US E-commerce biggie Amazon has been on the forefront for their rise in the innovations and improvement in almost everything.

Some of the most recent innovations have been the Kindle and the Echo. Both have been on the forefront of the innovations and have changes the way people read or use the technology. Echo was introduced recently and has urged millions of people of have a digital upswing of sorts.

The Echo has urged millions to speak to a computer making the possible impossible.

Now what seems to be a digital revolution of sorts, Amazon is introducing another revolution which the robots for home revolution. They will design for advanced prototype of the robots which will have very long and advanced cameras and can navigate the homes like a self-driving car.

What is the  Amazon Robot exactly about?

The Robot is named as Vesta and is named after the Greek Goddess of hearth, home and family.

THE Vesta project was originated a few years ago and it started taking shape from now-onward.

It was originally started by Greg who overlooks the hardware and the research and development division in California.

As it was started a few years ago it scaled up its hiring only this year and there are a lot of job openings on the same which will be reflecting on the Lab 126 page which will be like Software Engineer Robotics, Principle Sensors Engineer.

However, the Amazon spokesperson hasn’t done any official confirmation on the same and does not want to give rise to speculations.

What are the different tasks that the Robot will perform? Will it be like Alexa?

It is still quite unclear as to what tasks that Amazon will perform and that is to be seen.

Vesta could be a mobile Alexa and much advanced than the Alexa per se.

They may have some advanced cameras and a computer vision software and will be able to navigate the homes like a self-driving car.

It will also provide for the basic chore and for the promise of the domestic robots that will offer the assistance which will be required for technology industry for decades.



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