Amazon India: The largest products sold on the e-commerce platform are groceries and cosmetics.

The E-commerce market is big, and it is getting huge day by day. As people shop more and more online due to time constraints and since it is more affordable e-commerce biggies are betting big on the entire market.

And the front runner in this is Amazon the US e-commerce major.

The India unit of Amazon also mentioned that groceries and cosmetics are one of the largest markets for India and overall enjoy a huge market base. They also come from the largest product category from INDIA and in terms of the number of units sold in India.

Talks are also on to launch a new product called Amazon fresh and include various new products such as fresh avocados, meat, ice-cream, rice in your ordering of the food category.

Amazon Fresh which is a much sought-after concept in America is and was also launched more than a decade ago is very famous and one of the flagship stores. The Indian arm has currently tied up with the local vendors for now and is one of the most sought after for the local deliveries.

Amazon India has already started experimenting with the groceries segment and is also one of the largest active customer base outside the United States.

The future of the E-commerce market looks bright alright with the customer base of almost 100 million registered users, as Amazon wants to cash in on this opportunity.

Big opportunity in the offing-

India is Asia’s number 3 economy and a very huge market for the e-commerce industry.

There are around 500 million Indians who are using he Internet in the year 2018 and the number is expected to grow in 2018.

Funding is also gaining ground, with biggies such as Walmart, Flip kart backing the move.

Amazon owner, Jeff Bezos last week also mentioned that India is a huge market for the e-commerce industry and also one of the huge ones and we are soon looking to cash in on this opportunity.

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