Agri App- Bridging the gap between agriculture and technology.

India is largely an agrarian economy and most of the population depends on the agriculture methodologies. Despite this, the technological gap persists and is always responsible for the low crop yields.

So, what is the main reason for this?

The main reason for this is not that farmers are not working well enough but most of the times they are not aware of the high rated practices and thorough knowledge of the industry.

So, take care of the gap between the farmers and the technology, there has been a new app being installed which is called as the Agri App.

What is the use of this App?

It is providing direct access to the farmers with the latest scientific information and the tools which will help the agriculture outcome.

The mobile platform provides a very large and most viable of all the platforms for the top notch agricultural news and provide a lot of first hands information on the same.

It also provides a lot of detailed information on the crop production, crop yield, agricultural output and critical market information. It is a huge market place for online retailers, agro professionals and fulfillment services on a lot of digital platform.

You can also explore the latest trends in agriculture and inform them about the different methodologies of soil yield and crop health.

The App provides information on how to improve the crop and gain from managing the plants against the diseases and weeds and other pests.

It has two major functions-

Services and M-commerce

Under the services feature it provides the following segments-

Package of practices

Chat with the expert

Information on around 83 different variety of crops.

For even a wider outreach, it will also use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus.







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