The Indian navy could soon acquire drones as Trump changes its US policy.

Armed drones are something which a very potent tool in combating any kind of fight and a very powerful tool.

India may soon be able to acquire armed drones from the most powerful economy that is the United States, which can massively transform the armed forces operations in the various strike operation in China and Pakistan.

It will be useful in operations in the land and the sea but also for handling in war against the terrorists.

The Trump administration imposed a new policy

According to them, the export of unmanned aerial systems which will allow the use of drones to combat the terrorism activities.

It comes after a day when the Trump administration decided to cut short the long-winded process of the drone to kill its allies.

The policy at the same time, does not safeguard the partner nations against the unlawful force against the domestic populations. It is only applicable in the operations where it can be used for resorting to unlawful practices and after international law for self-defense.

The New Policy will be welcomed in New Delhi and at the same time will be of an offensive capacity of the fleet and concerns on the end use of the Additional security concerns.

How will the policy change for the United States?

The Administration’s new export policy will allow the US firms to compete more effectively and from the foreign competition from the strategic rivals from China.

India has led Washington know that they make use of end use monitoring policy and New Delhi realizes that it has US law mandates to make use of under certain circumstances.


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