Job trends: YouTube blogger, one of the most sought-after job trend.



Digital has become a very important part of our lives is entering almost all the sphere of our lives.

It is also becoming very much easier to leverage your skills in the digital world and to make forth of the important issues which are related to the digital world.

Be it payments or any other transaction, be it any part of our everyday lives and most importantly for job creation.

It has also opened new avenues of job development and creation, paving the way for new technology and a source of income for many.

We will talk of this new such trend which has given rise to new plethora of job profiles.

In this new and improved world of digital technology the youth wants to be more connected digitally and wants to explore new opportunities. Interesting job profiles are now vying for attention and are soon going to change the job scene.

Around 5 out of the 10 INDIANS want to have a job in the digital sector and the trend is only increasing day by day.

There is likely going to be shift in the modern jobs which are most likely to be in the sector of-

You tube blogger

IOT Product designer

Cyber Security Specialist

Robotics Engineer

Young women also prefer digital jobs in sector and prefer a modern job over a traditional job.

But it is not devoid of any challenges such as –

Many of them have an issue of a permanent jobs and not well-paying jobs.

Almost around 60% of them have said that they have not got enough career advice.

Many of them also feel unprepared for the digital economy and want to equip themselves and brace themselves for the digital economy.

The what will you be campaign was launched by Vodaphone and to provide and career guidance and training to the people around and gain a firm footing in the digital space.




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