Indonesia gives Facebook a week to analyze how the data was misused and breached.

Facebook has been in the eye of a scam since many days. It has been accused of a lot of data breach and is facing a lot of ire for the same. Zuckerberg the CEO of the social media giant even testified before the US Congress and gave his views that hoe Facebook cannot conduct a data breech and how the data is safe of all the citizen who are using Facebook.

Now another country has given an ultimatum to Facebook over the much evident data breaches and plans to act against the same.

Indonesia has given around a week’s time to Facebook to decide and display that how was it able to breach the data of its millions of customers and find out the information from the same.

They are concerned of the fact that how was it possible to capture the data of around 1 million users and access the same.?

How many people use Facebook in Indonesia?

Around 115 million people use Facebook in Indonesia and the various authorities in the country are bracing that how will they combat the issue.

Also, a Facebook official also apologized to the Indonesian parliament this week and said that the people in this country may have had their data shared and so there is a possibility of a data breach.

The Government also sent a letter to the Facebook saying that there should be quick addressing on this issue.

The data may have shared with political consultancy Aggregate Qi after improperly accessing the data of the Facebook users.

Facebook was also suspending the Data analytics from the Cube you to investigate and to collect information from the quizzes.

What does Facebook say?

Facebook om Thursday said in a statement that it wants to protect the data breaches and make the experience of Facebook very compatible for the user.



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