A mobile phone has become an integral part of our lives. We now cannot imagine our lives without our mobile phones.

According to research, in 2017 alone around 90 percent of the users spent their time alone on mobile phones.

According to a survey conducted around 90 percent of the people spend their time on the mobile phones which was the highest among the countries.

What has led to a sudden rise in smart phones?

With a drop in the smart phone price and good quality of the mobile phones, there is a surge in the demand for the phones and decreases in the mobile data prices.

An Indian spends around nearly 50 hours of mobile time on the phones as compared to only around 11 percent on the desktop.

Around 89 percent of them spend time on their mobile phones in India.

Followed by Indonesia at 87 percent

Next comes in line Mexico at 80 percent

Next in the line is Argentina at 77 percent.

India is slowly becoming a country from the desktop the mobile browsing country.

Where do they spend they’re online the most?

The online time is mostly spent on multimedia and the related services.

10 percent was spent on the social networking platforms and around 13 percent on instant messaging.

Very surprising of the fact is that Americans only spend around 1 percent of their time on Whats App as compared to their Indian counterparts.

Indians also mostly access the mobile phone to search for jobs which mostly happens on the mobile phones.


Which are the most used platform?


Google play


Are the most used platforms worldwide along with Google search.




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