Facebook Data Breach: Google now under the scanner.

The Facebook data row is something which has been haunting us for several days from now. Facebook has been under the scanner for evading the data privacy rules and combating privacy issues.

Now a new study has come to light that a new privacy issue has been haunting Google and that over around 3000 apps on Google play have been in a wrong way collecting the data form children.

What other findings have been come to forth?

Many of the free apps in the Google play can now be tracking the location of children which are available on the Google play store.

The findings also suggested that it also traces the location of the data of the children without having the permission of the parents. It also collected the personal details such as names, email address and phone numbers.

The Apps that were found out were the ones which were examined as they did not have access to the most popular apps on the Google play.

There were no more reactions from most of the newspapers and the spokesperson was also not available to comment on the same issue.

Also, Google plans to act against the various policies which will help protect the future data breaches.

Many of them have analyzed the situation and have conclude that there have been Violation of Children’s online privacy Act. Around nearly 6000 apps were studied, and it was found out the same.

They also blamed the market failure for this and absence of various checking policies of the government.

What can the consumers do to prevent this?

Unfortunately, there is nothing much the consumers can do on this. There are some privacy settings in place which can be just as preventive to not disclose your personal details but that’s about it.

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