WhatsApp Beta update brings out higher notifications and updated technology versions.

Your most favorite communication social media is going in for a change and all for the better it seems. It is going to be updated with a new and improved version which will make communication easier for you and make the concept of messaging easier.

What is in store for Whats App?

Whats App will soon update its new beta version and make way for a new and improved beta version of the same.

It will also keep track of the high priority notifications and keep in check the bug which was displayed by the app.

WA Beta info has been updated and brings high priority notifications from the app. It also draws similarities to the Pin chat feature which has been update to 2.18.117

It will now also have a request payment feature which will be available for the select beta users of the platform in India.

What is the Pin chat feature all about?

The Pin chat feature will bring notifications which are directed from a group or a personal chat.

They can also get to choose the notification and they can change the revenue notification on the app. Also, if there are more than 2 groups then there will be a chronological order and the feature also supports the Android 5.0 versions.

It has also rolled out a new feature which can allow a group admin to remove another person from the group.

The new feature is also available on the app store and it is in the new and updated version.

It will also get dismiss from the group feature and remove from the group also.




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