What factors should you keep in mind while buying gold?

Gold is one investment which one is very obsessed with. As it gives is good return on the same it is a very common form of investment.

Before stepping into a jewellery store you need to make sure that you know the nuances of a good jewellery shopping in gold.

However, this Gold shopping season there seems to have a decrease in the price of gold owing due to a variety of reasons.

Sometimes also there is per-booking for the jewellery and this may lead to a steep rise and the high demand for gold.

Also, the gold imports have also taken a hit and has also affected the overall shopping for gold. The gold imports have led to a decline of around 33%.

We look at what are the factors for buying gold?

While buying cross check the price-Prices of gold are always calculated based on how pure the gold is. You should also cross check the price always.

Examine the purity-

Factors determining the purity of gold should also be taken into consideration and should be a main consideration.

Calculate the making charges and the tax-If you buy any gold jewellery you must calculate the making charges and the taxes and so you should be aware of the same. You need to know the gold jewellery charges and what is required for it. Also, while going for gold jewellery look for the Bureau for the Indian Standards for any kind of certified hallmark jewellery.

Avoid stone studded jewellery-While making the jewellery you must calculate the making charges and depending on the jewellery you can range it anywhere between 7% to 25% of the cost of gold and

Bargaining with your jeweler- Also keep in mind that you can negotiate with your jeweler about the cost of the making charges. Keep in check that you do not fall for any bad related schemes in a view to get duped by the jeweler.





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