Modi in London. Highlights of the iconic event.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a 4-day UK visit to engage the bilateral engagements and to strengthen the ties of the Government with those of the other Government.

He will be speaking on various issues such as Bharat ki baat and worldly strategic issues which are being bothered by the country. After that he will be joined by the various heads of the Government, from the other 52 foreign countries, along with a special dinner hosted by the Prime Minister. He also had a breakfast meeting with his British counterpart Theresa May and also discussed various points of issue.

Highlights of the event-

He shared his views on the surgical strikes, ways to tackle terrorism, the various incidents happening in India and the poverty issues related with it.

Indians are increasingly getting inspirational and more and more ambitious and are also confident that the BJP Government can deliver up to the mark.

There need to be created an awareness of a mass movement.

There needs to be some counter action on terrorism and work on the terror factor.

Also, the need for development should be a mass movement and not restricted to one or two of any of the Government’s.

PM Modi also addresses the Indian diaspora in an interactive session. He also took a dig at the Opposition saying that their pace of work is far faster than the previous Government. The leaders also held fruitful discussions on the various dimensions of the UK-India partnership and handled various issues such as extremism and counter terrorism.

He also highlighted that he was the representative of the poor and that he will always serve the poor whatever the circumstances will be.





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