The India-Nordic summit. Key Takeaways from it.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Sweden, the first ever visit from an Indian Prime Minister and has we list down some of the key takeaways from the summit.

India and the five Nordic countries have vouched for free trade and have blasted the concept of protectionism.

It also served as a catalyst for achieving inclusive growth and for achieving some sustainable achievable goals.

The six Prime ministers came who came for their first ever joint summit who came for their first ever meet took note of the fact that there are two main issues which need to be tacked which is


Violent extremism.

There were also discussions on the global security, cyber security, human rights, democracy, rule of the law and the commitment to uphold the various systems.

The summit also is held to bolster the ties with the 5 countries and with each other. Apart from that  PM Narendra Modi has also discussed various other issues such as export control and proliferation.

Also, there were discussions held on the reformed security council and India was suggested as a top contender for it. It is a council which is expanded with the permanent and the non-permanent members.


Such a partnership can vouch for increasing innovations, working for sustained economic growth, trade know-how, increase mutual co-operation.

INDIA and the various Nordic countries have some of the most unique strengths which can work in tandem towards a sustained and prolonged economic growth structure and can strive to achieve lots from it.

They also focused on multi-lateral trading and inclusive international trade for prosperity and growth.

Also, these of Doing business was also a focal point of the discussions between the trade relations. They also focused strong commitment to innovation and India’s ability to drive innovations.

They also mentioned the flagship program mes such as –

Make in India

Start-up India

Digital India

Clean India

The various Nordic countries also provided for the following solutions such as

Clean technologies

Maritime solutions

Food Processing

Life Sciences




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