Amazon to soon make international shopping easier.

E-commerce shopping is no longer a distant dream for many for people. Now, the world’s famous and the biggest e-commerce giant has decided to go on for a revamp which will be easier to communicate and to make any digital payments.

To make shopping easier for its customers they have introduced several polices and changes suitable according to the settings introduced.

Amazon changes

The changes have been going to make via the mobile app and the users henceforth will be able to change the country, language and the currency setting within the app. This seems to come as a major shift in the digital transformation as paying in one’s own currency is a new and improved rule which will of great help to the customers from any part of the world.

However, the service is only available on the mobile app and not on the website. As now-a-days many people use the mobile apps and it only makes it feasible to use it and easier to use it.

How can you shop internationally?

Firstly, to shop internationally you need to create an app which needs to be changed to international shopping.

The customers and the users need to open the menu of the app and shop for the various items also.

After that you need to scroll down to the bottom and then select the right option of the term international shopping.

However, the downside of the app is the service is still not available in India. But nonetheless the products can still be shipped back to India after setting back the option for International Shopping.

Users can use the AMAZON SHOPPING APP which is the default option and can still shop online.

What all languages are available on the app?







These are all the language options available.

There can also be currency changes made accordingly. But there is no option of the Indian Rupee and so you can convert it in the selected currency and then you can apply the appropriate import and export duties also.




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