Indian companies to save 30 % after paying to US freshers.

The Indian IT services industries which have stepped up the hiring in the recently concluded US campuses have started paying the salaries of around $55,000 to around fresh computer science graduates and for the average local salaries of the freshers as they soon get ready to step up the market.

They soon want to replicate their pyramid model which is the main stay in the market.

What is the situation in the US markets?

In Indianapolis, Infosys has committed to recruit around 2000 people and the average fresher salary for engineers is around $51,800 according to the US department data. The wages will be nearly 20%-30% lower wages and it would have been paid to send the engineers to America.

The new graduates which have been passed out from the top universities have received an annual compensation package of $55,000. For around 2 decades or so, the Indian outsourcing firms have harnesses the power of the visa and have sent experience engineers to the US offering help to them and as comparable to the local wages.

They have drawn up a strategy to hire fresh graduates instead of sending them to India. These will also be a more scrutiny for the visa. Also, the firms are also asking for increased protectionism and the various laws related to it.

The median salaries have also increased for the average worker who have also successfully pioneered in India the hiring of fresh graduates and that of training them and deploying them on more projects.

The Chief Operating officer of Infosys also said that the company has hired around 800 fresh graduates which are from the local university. They plan to hire more local people from the University in the US by the year 2021.



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