Facebook refreshes the bookmark menu to protect the data privacy.

Data privacy, a word which is being bombarded almost every single day and is questioning the very penetration of digitization.

There have been numerous articles and a lot has been said and written about the data privacy of Facebook.

Now what is in store further for the social media giant?

Facebook has introduced several features from its new setting to help protect the data privacy.

What all measures is Facebook taking?

It has refreshed its bookmarks menu for the users to navigate and access and make changes accordingly to the privacy settings. It would take certain time for the updates to roll out close to around 2 weeks.

Who does not like the least number of mouse clicks? And so, Facebook has introduced the same to help users gain an all-round accessibility to the social media model.

Users can now access various Facebook privacy settings, privacy shortcuts, the various news feed preferences, activity logs and payments along with Help and Support.

Why are the changes bring carried out?

The focus is on centralizing the various other options that were located on the various other places.

The new controls have been moved to the front and the controls have been given access in the front.it is also in talks to redesign the icons again and give it a fresh look.

Why have Bookmarks been included in the same?

Bookmarks are easier to include, and it is easier for them to navigate and so Bookmarks have been included in the same.

The whole idea behind the Bookmark inducing exercise is to help people navigate the app more easily and make it more relevant for the user experience.

The redesigning of the Facebook app comes at point when it is severely caught up in controversies and who have breached the data of around 50 million users.

The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has assured the people that soon there will be a revamped version of Facebook and It will be devoid of any false information.

It has also launched a Data Abuse Bounty program me to reward people against any kind of misuse of the information and the data app by the app developers.







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