US air strikes on Syria. Should D street be worried?

US probably the world’s largest economy. So, anything they do is bound to affect the rest of the world and the other leading economies also. Whether it is a change in the policies, or any of the geo-political situations or anything related with the financial know-how is bound to affect the overall scenario and change the politics of the world for sure.

The domestics equity market that is the DALAL Street may experience some of the aftershocks of it as US decided to attack Syria with air strikes.

As the trading will resume on Monday investors should be ready for some of the ups and downs the country will be experiencing in the aftermath of the US attacks.

US launch on Syria.

The US on early Saturday launched an attack on Syria, which was a combined operation with France and Britain. This was in retaliation to the suspected attack which killed many people in last week.

More than 100 missiles were fired from the ships and the manned air crafts as the allies stuck three of the main chemical weapons and from different facilities.

What was the situation before the air strikes?

The Dow Jones has closed 100 points on Friday before the air strikes and further after the Saturday morning the Dow further nosedived below the 100 points sending bearish sentiment across the markets.


D-street expert are of the view that this will further impact on the various other markets and it does sound a danger bell for the Indian stock market also.

This kind of attack will cause a further spike in the crude oil prices. A phenomenon the government is already dealing with which will further send shock waves across the sector.

Earlier there were fears of trade war now, it is a full-fledged direct attack which will have very high and deep repercussions.

What impact will it have on India?

The US attack on Syria will impact India badly as it depends heavily on the crude oil as it is very important for Indians.

The Crude prices have been on an upward swing and ending fresh concerns across the continents.

The focus this time is on Syria as it is the center of all the levels and now since the trigger has already happened the oil marker will see a lot of volatility ahead.






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