The Indian economy is positive. But does that mean it will not have any layoffs?

The economy has well-recovered from the diverse effects of demonetization and the implementation of the goods and services taxes.

It is on the recovery path and the worse can be said as over for the economy. But has the scene on the employment sector improved anytime?

Can we finally say that India will soon experience something positive on the employment scenario?

Well not just yet. It is still a long way to go.

So how is the economy improving? Well you can say that India is experiencing a jobless growth and sadly this phenomenon could soon see an increase in it.

What are the reasons of the jobless growth?

Various layoffs due to the cost cutting will add fuel to the fire.

Reducing the gaps after a merger or an acquisition.

Restructuring of the events due to the various changes in the industry.

All these are the very common reasons for the jobless growth and the subsequent results of it.

Is this limited to only Asia?

This is not currently limited to only Asia. It is also currently applying to Europe and the other Asian countries also.

The industry which is expected to hit the maximum in term of layoffs is the Information technology sector. It is experiencing the new explosion of the Automated and Artificial intelligence jobs.

Growth is happening, but it is not according to the employment generation and not according to the expectations.

How should one be prepared for the jobs which are required today?

One should be equipped to take on head on challenges which you take in the later years. So open should be prepared for such jobs which will be in demand some years from now on.







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