Is Data security up to the mark? The Facebook Analytic a scandal raises a lot of questions.

Just some days back everyone was least bothered about their personal data being uploaded on Facebook. This was since there was hardly anybody who was really bothered about their data being uploaded.

But now the recent Cambridge Analytic a scam has brought to the limelight a of issues. So much so that even those without having zero knowledge about the digital world are skeptical about their data being uploaded on Facebook. Also, it is not just limited to that, they are also having concern about the different ramifications about the data being uploaded on Facebook.

How is this important from the India perspective?

Now data security and privacy have taken utmost importance since the Facebook data scandal has put forward a lot of questions.

Now more and more people are going digital and are making their presence felt online. However, the adoption of data services in the lower strata of the society has not born any fruit and is not a very big phenomenon. The overall data adoption is very low in this area.

In the rural area there were around 83 million 4G subscribers. Now along with the increasing reach of the digital data online now data penetration is also gaining footage and people from all strata of the society are coming online.

In Apps it is the highest growing in numbers and the data and the numbers are mind boggling.

Whats App, Facebook messenger Browser and Ludo king were the top five apps which are running on the Android platform and these are the apps which are widely uses by the companies and are the most preferred of the all the apps.

So how can you prevent the data breach or what can be done to avoid a scam such as Facebook Analytic a?

There can be data audits for the same.

There can also be intervention of third party independent app audits which can overlook the working of the safe keeping of the apps.

Among st all the other apps there seems to be only the Ludo one which is independent of all the apps and there seems to be no other app where it seems to be it can network and access storage permissions.



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