Appraisal meeting and you. What to avoid and how to breeze through it.

Its that time of the year again. When appraisals, salary hikes are a part of the norm and people are having a lot of expectations from the same.

It is a tense period all right and this tense phase can sometimes get over the top with periods of tension also.

The Appraisal meeting is a time where you can showcase your strengths and where your employees can make complete use of the meeting and make use of the opportunity of this as well.

Which are the 5 mistakes you can avoid while filling the appraisal forms?

Treating as a means and as an end of it-

Don’t now treat it as a war kind of a meeting. Do not have any negative vibes about it.DO not be paranoid about the whole process.

Be truthful

Avoid using any elaborate words and fancy language. Not only does it look unprofessional but also shows your lack office etiquette. Make sure you use good English and stick to your normal vocabulary. Also list down your achievements without making it too obvious.

Do not take undue credit-

If you have not worked hard to get do not take undue credit for the will make you come across as an unscrupulous person who does not value other people.

Do not be self-biased-

Self-bias can lead to wrong impressions. If you are doing well there is no need for you to too the horn about your own achievement and go about it.




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