Apple warns employees of stern actions if any kind of confidential information is leaked.

In a memo which was leaked by an Apple there are reports that if found guilty by any of the employee’s stern action will be taken against them and a probe will be inquired on the same.

Further they would also have to face termination in their jobs if any of the information is found leaked.

Also, this is not all. The fired employees would face permanent rejection whenever they will apply anywhere and so they do not stand a chance of gaining employment.

From where have the leaks taken place?

The warning from Apple comes in the wake of a leaked video in the month of March where an ex-employee has leaked the information about the important information of a software roadmap to a reporter.

It also has details where there is leaked information to the various journalists in a bid to take corrective measures in their product portfolio to get on par with Apple. It also gives a cue to the different developments which take place to protect the various trade secrets.

What was Apple’s stand on the overall policy of the leaked information?

Apple was of the view that if found guilty at all they would face the charges under the Act and will be given strict punishment.

A similar kind of memo was leaked which was named as stop leaks and in the memo the employees were threatened to lose their jobs if found guilty.

In worst cases they may also may face the jail trial and massive fines if found of any data breach.

In the year 2017, APPLE caught around 29 leaks most of them were Apple employees and some of them were contractors.

IN now what it seems very strict policies for all the Apple employees there seems to be stricter views and some stern actions on the same for the un-leaked information regarding the various other loophole in the information.











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