Your favorite G mail all set for NEW DESIGN with a new REVAMP.

Gmail is probably the most worldwide email application used both for business and personal purposes. It is one of the most used email tools for messaging, chatting and sending mails.

Now it is going for a revamp to include new and improved features and for a quick interface, reply and support options.

It also plans to integrate some of the features on its mobile app to make it clean and user friendly.

Gmail has sent a mail over stating some of the changes which will be taking place-

It includes a fresh and a clean look of the entire Gmail window.

Easy accessibility.

A new and modern look.

Smart reply, easy accessibility to snooze.

Customize the future re-appearance.

It will also provide an offline feature.

However, the offline feature will be available only from June 2018.

What else is in store for the new Gmail app?

Easy and clear icons.

Auto reply option at the bottom of the mail.

Access   to plugins, tools such as Google keep and Gmail tasks.

It also shows the interface of the apps the plugins also.

The different icons will also be able to change the interface of the Gmail icons.

Also, Google is planning to add the different layouts and add them in the next Gmail feature.

They include default, comfortable and compact.

The default option will show a different kind of attachment and an email attachment which will go directly to the mail box of Gmail.

The Comfortable layout shows only a paper icon instead of the attachments.

The COMPACT option is like the comfortable option but only with the vertical white space mentioned.

When will the revamped version be launched is only waiting to be seen. ITS tentative date is around May 2018.




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