World Sparrow Day-Social media explodes with memes centered around world’s oldest bird.

Do you anytime remember a sparrow’s nest sometime when you were a kid? Because if you do then it is great,because there are hardly any sparrows found now if you wonder anytime soon.Earlier,sparrows were a pretty common sight and now it has become a pretty rare sight with sparrows hardly available for us to see.


Now over the years things have drastically changed and the common sparrow is now a very uncommon sight.So to raise awareness on the same, the World Sparrow day is observed on the 20th of March of every year.


The World sparrow day

The soothing chirping of the sparrows was a very good sight and old people have been used to it since the time the sparrow was ever in place.

With more and more towering buildings replacing the natural flora and fauna,this bird is now a rare sight.


An initiative by the Nature Forever Society has been started to create an awareness of the same. It is in collaboration with the Eco-Sys Action Foundation (France) and numerous the national and international organizations from all across the world.


Which are the top reasons for the decrease in Sparrows


Reducing urban nesting spaces


Rampant construction


Felling of trees


All these reasons are pushing the FATE of sparrows towards rampant extinction.



Social media-


Social media is serving up as a big tool not only to save the bird but also to take care of them during the summer.One of the biggest reasons for the vanishing of the sparrows is the drastic lifestyle changes which are taking place.

Once the bird which used to be in our backyards is now available in hardly some of the unknown places or some have completely disappeared altogether.


It has been a much trending topic especially on Twitter and other social media channels.



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