Which are the most expensive buildings in the world?

World class architecture has long drawn many audiences since world over and has always fascinated people and the countries alike.


We take a look at some of the world class buildings around the world-


Marina Bay Sands-


Singapore’s Marina Bay sands has been a much sought after architectural marvel and one of the most top spots in Singapore.The Marina Bay sands is the World’s most largest pool and one of the most famous hot spots.it also has the largest casino in the world and a 2561 room luxury hotel.The landmark building was completed in the year 2010 which costed around $5.5 billion.


Abraj A Bait Mecca-


This Building is a complex of around 7 sky scrapers which was built around in the year 2012 at a whooping cost of $15billion dollars.

It was build for the pilgrims of Haj.It also has the world’s largest clock face and is one of the biggest towering figure in the world.


Masjid Al Haram-


It is Islam’s one of the most sacred sites and also one of the most famous in the world.Its area is up-to 99 acres and can accommodate around 4 million people during the Haj pilgrim.


It is estimated to have built at a cost of around $100 billion on total value.


Burj Khalifa,Dubai-


Standing tall and towering over Dubai it is the tallest structure on the planet but it is not at all a pricey building to boast of.It is the 30th most pricey building in the world.


Seat of the European Central bank-


The seat of the European bank is the tallest skyscraper in the world and one of the most attractive buildings.The total cost of the building was around 1.6 billion dollars and was made at a very huge budget.

The construction was completed in the year 2013 and was made open to the public.


Petronas Towers-


One of the most magnificent building in the world and one of the highlights of Malaysia,it is one of the most famous buildings in the world.It is visible from anywhere and in any part of Malaysia and is one of the most tallest buildings around.It was build by an Argentine architect.



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