Trouble for Broad comm as Trump blocks the bid for Qualcomm on the grounds of security

In what could have happened a major takeover of sorts US President Donald Trump has blocked the deal for Broad comm which is a Singapore based rival company.It has been done on the grounds of national security and to protect the interests of the chip maker Qualcomm.


The reason for this was this kind of deal threatens to impair the national security of the United States.


What does this deal hold the future for?


This kind of deal would have seen the biggest technology takeover in the recent years and would have also created the second largest creator of chips after INTEL AND SAMSUNG.


This would have also create that China would be taking ahead in the 5G competition and the development of wireless technology.


What is the chip maker sector aiming at?


This chip-maker is in a race to develop the latest chips in the bid and Qualcomm is in the one to develop the latest technology.Qualcoom is one company which is considered in high standards when it comes to research and development particular y in the field of the 5G technology and Huwais is also one of the committed ones in race to conquer.


What are people’s views on this?


Some are of the view that a trade off between Qual comm and Broad-comm could have given Huwaie a chance to take over the top spot in the recent years to come and would also mean a lot of changes for the same.


Others are of the view that the decision of Trump was more on the compitative basis rather than any other security concerns.


It is also because of the current political climate in the States that things have reached this level.The US is at a stage where everyone wants to participate and create a new world.And so there is every region which is inching towards that.


But Broad-comm;s hostile takeover has been taken over has been put under investigation and the company has rejected various proposals and has also been undervalued for its business.








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