Renowned scientist Stephen Hawking dies at the age of 76.

World renowned scientist Stephen Hawking breathed his last at the age of 76.He was in Cambridge and at his home where he dies peacefully in the early hours of Wednesday.He was a renowned scientist and a great ambassador of science.He has worked on the Hartle Hawking wave function and had went on to explain the Big Bang theory.


He was famous for his work on black holes and cosmology and he also gave various theories related to relativity.

He also wrote several science books such as A brief history of time.


His colleagues described him as a competitive person and someone who always wanted to do things better.

However Stephen had predicted something which would change the face of science and technology for the best or for the worst?


What was Stephen’s prediction?


He has warned that the efforts to develop artificial intelligence and think about creating human machines can spell a doom for the human race.

There will come a time when Artificial intelligence can take over entirely the human race and can replace the humans in some form and will soon take over all kinds of human made learning.




Artificial intelligence is of two types-


Narrow Artificial intelligence is that kind of intelligence which only the human has achieved.It makes it easy to understand and perform various tasks such as Playing chess,weather forecasts and sales predictions.


General Artificial intelligence-it is that kind of intelligence where it can perform any of the intelligent tasks with the same power as a human being.


Also since the last two years Stephen has been repeatedly warning about the threat of climate change,artificial intelligence,population burdens and a lot of new hostile aliens.


He had also said that AI will reach such a level where it will be a reportedly a new level and a new form of life will outperform humans.Regarding climate change he also warned that the earth will

become a big fireball and by the year 2600 and that human population will become non-existent.










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