Now you can use Google maps to find out place and that too without address.

Normally what do you do when you want to find out about a particular place on the Google app? Enter the address and the Google map will direct you to the required place.

Imagine you don’t even have to enter the address and it take you to the required destination.


Finding an address is challenging enough through navigation maps and so Google is trying to launch a similar feature with these maps and address the issue of address finding easily.


What is Google trying to do ?


Google is trying to do make a Maps APP for Android and IOS built.It has also announced a series of new features which will help navigate it better and also it has support not only in the English language but a number of other languages also such as,Bengali,Gujarati,Kannada,Tamil and Telugu.


For the correct traffic updates it has also tied up with major traffic authorities and in important metro cities such as Delhi,Chennai,Mumbai and Kolkata.





So if you want to get directed in any kind of place the Google map will guide you accordingly.They will incorporate the real time traffic in your mobile data and help you navigate through your moves.

To help find the desired address at the exact location,Google has also incorporated a detailed map on the Maps app and can also provide various user address details regarding the same.

They will be searchable and visible to all the users along with other personal details which are of use to them.


It can also improve the search for the places which do not have a corresponding address on the Google maps.It has also featured a new code such as Plus Codes and it works by dividing the geographical area and also with certain other features.


Users cannot however create a plus code manual location and can be much of an issue here.The code generated should be created by the user and for that it can be used in countries such as India for the same reason where the traffic is still era-tic.





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