Which are the most useful Facebook marketing tips?


Facebook has been your go- too marketing tool since the time it was launched.It is one of the most strategic of the tools for all your branding and marketing needs.


It is the first social media to launch ads and make the adequate use of them and since then it has become a benchmark of sorts for all the other algorithms.


So why is that Facebook is still your go-too marketing tool?


For the initial reasons,Facebook is still huge a platform if you compare them with any of the other marketing tools.


It has around 2 billion active users and is a much sought after advertising platform.It has grown tremendously within a span of 13 years.

It has tough competition from You-tube and Instagram but it still remains on top.According to research around 93% of the users use the Facebook platform which is helpful for them for generating leads.


But there has been some very recent algorithm changes and you need to adapt to it naturally.


How can you best use Facebook for all your marketing needs?


Choose the correct category for your Business page-


You should understand that there should always be a business page for a company profile and not a personal page.

Also there should be a select category page.


Correct URL

Your URL should be a standard way of telling about your page and should the one which you can identify with.


You should optimize photos.

HIGH Quality photos are always a winner.The right photo will make a lot of difference and make way for a lot of leads.


To increase its reach even more,the shoppers can choose from a variety of items they want and can buy the certain things.



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