How will the US tariff imports affect the Indian imports?

Then global market is on tender hooks ever since Donald Trump has announced his aggressive ban on the various tariff imports.A lot of industry experts are facing similar kind of heat from the people and various countries are having some very varied views regarding the same.


China is thoroughly opposed to this kind of aggressiveness rhetoric and has steep plans to change the same.

While Trump has mostly directed his stance towards the larger trading partners such as Europe,China,Canada and Mexico India is also one of it in the running.There is a high level of problems in the on the imposition of this kind of a trade off.


So how much of a tariff war will affect the countries? Including America.?

How much of a trade off will this be for India?


Why does the US wants a trade war?


The US is running a trade deficit with Indian around many years.


The various US jobs and wealth are being given to the other countries,which have taken the utmost advantage of the country for years.


It is due to the very provocation of Trump that it is leading to a trade war of some instance.


He has lot of plans under his sleeve and has already imported 25% on the tariffs and steels and 10% on aluminum.


But these are all protectionist measures and what do they have to say on this?


Are the increasingly protectionist measures in any way going to help the country? People are of divided views regarding the same.


It can derail the global economy and can also shun the economic growth subsequently.\


What are the effects on these?


Trump;s measures have forced the other countries to threaten the retaliatory tariffs and keep in check the various measures.

A trade war can prove very detrimental to all the other markets and can be of a much high cost.

The exports are not of priority to the US markets but soon it can be.There can be a higher impact of the metal tariffs and soon it can be much of a task to provide the much needed support ground.


What is the Indian government stand on this?


The INDIAN government has responded by cutting down the various import duties on the imported high end motor bikes and have eventually cut down to around 50% of it.











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