How does Apple define its success.We take a look.

Tech giant Apple believes that everything it does,it does the best and is superior to everything.Every software model is better than the precious one and has the most superior features than the earlier one.


Each I Phone Apple has made has to be the best model and the best version than the previous one.

At a certain point however it is impossible to define the success for a particular thing.

The most glaring example is the Apple watch.


The first year of the sales exceeded the previous year of sales and in the first rate of the market itself.

In the initial 12 months of the sales Apple sold around 14 million watches and according to the various shipment data the I phone sales crossed around 6 million units.


Tim Cook has compared the Apple watch scenario section in a different setting.Tim Cook now no longer compares the Apple watch with the I phone.


In the second year itself the company has shipped around 14 million watches and was responsible for 25 million smart phones.

Apple workers are of the view that the Smart watch helps them to live longer and also lead healthier lives which is very important in today’s world.


But based on this does Apple judge itself on third party customer satisfaction surveys?


Are these the credible ways to measure the success of the company?


Can it be measured by the Apple watch’s success in general or as a whole?


So what does this stand hold for Apple?


The entire point is Apple can make it tough for the outsiders to explore and make it one of the most sought after brand after Apple itself.


But Apple not in a mood to disclose its sales of the new I Phone I pod seekers.


What is the actual strategy of the Apple giant?


There is no strategy as such.And it is hard for others to know how to have gauge the different parameters.

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