Donald Trump’s multiple U turns on Gun laws.Is it feasible?

The Parkland shootings which happened in the month of January at one of top schools in the United States has put the spotlight again on the gun control laws in America.


There have been many times been immense gun control laws which should be undertaken to comb act the subsequent mass gun shootings in America and have a control on them.

President Donald Trump has been of the view that there should be adequate gun control laws but time and again there have been numerous changes which have taken place for the same.


However Trump himself is not sure of the way the things are turning up to be and is constantly changing his stance on the same.


What had Trump has to say-


Not just two weeks ago,Trump pointed at his Republican colleague and said that he would soon take up powerful measures for the adequate gun lobbying and take up adequate measures for quelling the gun control laws.This was in resonance with the Florida School shootings.


Now in the first week of March he stuck a totally different tone saying that he increased the minimum wage to own the assault weapon to 21.He also said that he is watching the various court cases and without there being much political support for it.


What has the White house being saying on all these issues?


The White house over the week has released a limited plan to keep in check the school shootings.The plan is regarding arming of the school teachers with protected guns and the local communities.It is also regarding an age issue for the review.


However Trump has been forever contradicting his views saying that there is no more opportunity to talk and we cannot go on with the dead end routine happening with the gun control laws.


The shooting has prompted a national conversation to take place about the fierce advocacy laws and moving in for stronger gun control measures on the same.


The White HOUSE said that there will be strong background checks and a lot of verification details to be given out.









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